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Optics interior design & Glasses stand

Optics interior design & Glasses stand

We have unique optics solutions for your store & trademark

We have unique optics solutions for your store & trademark

Product rack & displays

Product rack & displays

Product stands that boost your brand and boost your sales.


Småland interiors make product racks and displays for all types of products. 

Product display for glasses, jewelry and watches to name a few.

Produktställ bijouterier
Display klockor

Your brand



Produktställ för butik

Spread your shop racks around the world

Together with you, we create product racks that are ready for the world. A joint journey that can take you as far as you like. Product stands are a cost-effective product that enables your brand to be seen in many places at a lower price.

Produktställ smycken
Glasmonter butik

We help you all the way

We shape, construct and manufacture your product racks. We also stock and manage the logistics, to make the products cost-effective and to save on the environment.

A whole store in one  product rack

Synsam translated an entire store into a single product stand, where the store's entire concept took place.

Småland interiors helped with the design and production of 500 units. The power of a shop rack is striking.

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