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Optics interior design & Glasses stand

We have unique optics solutions for your store & trademark

What does your new store look like?

Smålandsinredningar create a place for the customer in your store. Small experiences that stimulate the customer and interior design help the staff choose the right product for the customer.

Inredning för optiker
Optik inredning

Optics Interior

Smålandsinredningar helps opticians to create holistic experiences for their customers. We help with converting all or parts of the store.

Glasses display

Smålandsinredningar designs and manufactures glasses displays for shop windows, checkouts and

other shop. 

Monter skyltfönster

Glasses stand

Do you need an eyeglass rack for your brand to create a shop in shop with a customer, or are you a store that needs independent eyeglass racks. Småland interiors create and stand for glasses.

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